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2020-04-24 | Open science takes on the coronavirus pandemic
2020-03-18 | South Korea is reporting intimate details of COVID-19 cases: has it helped?
2020-02-05 | 3D printing gets bigger, faster and stronger
2019-11-12 | More South Korean academics caught naming kids as co-authors
2019-11-06 | South Korea clamps down on academics attending ‘weak’ conferences
2019-10-29 | South Korea deploys snipers and drones to fend off deadly pig virus
2019-10-14 | Why Japan imported Ebola ahead of the 2020 Olympics
2019-09-23 | China’s tree-planting drive could falter in a warming world
2019-09-20 | Fukushima bosses cleared over nuclear disaster
2019-09-11 | South Korea’s ‘Nobel prize project’ gets overhaul
2019-09-10 | South Korea’s ‘Nobel prize project’ rocked by tough year
2019-08-21 | Meet the crystal growers who sparked a revolution in graphene electronics
2019-08-14 | Brain-chip engineer tapped to lead South Korea’s science ministry
2019-05-10 | Four Chinese scientists were killed in Sri Lanka attack
2019-05-08 | Deadly Japanese earthquake study retracted over false data
2019-03-22 | South Korea accepts geothermal plant probably caused destructive quake
2019-01-25 | South Korea rescues Chinese group stranded in Antarctica
2018-12-14 | South Korean university delays vote on whether to suspend president
2018-12-13 | South Korean scientists protest treatment of university president accused of misusing funds
2018-11-13 | North and South Korea team up to tackle TB and malaria
2018-10-15 | Astronomy is losing women three times faster than men
2018-06-27 | Science stars of East Asia (Narry Kim, Jin-Soo Kim)
2018-05-24 | Why North Korea’s denuclearization plan doesn’t convince this nuclear expert
2018-05-10 | Radar reveals North Korea’s nuclear test moved a mountain
2018-05-03 | Water filter inspired by Alan Turing passes first test
2018-04-26 | South Korea’s most-destructive quake probably triggered by geothermal plant
2018-03-21 | Four-in-one 3D printer paves way for custom-made robots and phones
2018-02-22 | Doubts raised over Australia’s plan to release herpes to wipe out carp
2018-02-07 | Crushed wood is stronger than steel
2018-02-02 | Kid co-authors in South Korea spur government probe
2017-10-09 | Water-repellent coatings could make de-icing a breeze
2017-10-03 | South Korea cracks down on dirty air
2017-09-26 | Wikipedia shapes language in science papers
2017-09-19 | Marine scientists allege Japan has blocked researchers from joining South Korean ship
2017-09-08 | South Korean researchers lobby government to lift human-embryo restrictions
2017-03-22 | South Korea’s scientists seek change amid political chaos
2016-06-13 | South Korean scientists fight plan to scrap military exemptions
2016-06-02 | South Korea’s Nobel dream
2016-05-09 | NASA jet gets a sniff of pollution over South Korea
2016-05-03 | Citizen scientists aid Ecuador earthquake relief
2016-03-18 | South Korea trumpets $860-million AI fund after AlphaGo ‘shock’
2016-03-02 | Fresh confusion over origins of enigmatic radio-wave blasts
2016-02-24 | Mysterious radio burst pinpointed in distant galaxy
2015-12-16 | Yellow Sea talks raise hopes for marine science
2015-07-13 | Speedy study claims climate change doubled chances of European heatwave
2015-03-11 | A criticism of science fandom prompts online reflection
2015-03-04 | Data visualization: Science on the map
2015-03-02 | Climate change implicated in current Syrian conflict
2015-01-14 | Al Gore’s dream spacecraft gears up for launch
2015-01-06 | South Korean survey ships open up to science
2014-12-30 | Science in 2015 [infographic]
2014-12-14 | US budget deal gives small increases to research
2014-12-04 | Critics allege misuse of funds by US ecology project
2014-11-19 | Crisis mappers turn to citizen scientists
2014-11-10 | Astronomers win big in science mega awards
2014-10-29 | Tiny human stomachs grown in the lab
2014-10-23 | Ferns communicate to decide their sexes
2014-10-21 | Sun’s stroke keeps Kepler online
2014-10-15 | Surf zones warmed from within
2014-10-12 | Prehistoric currents brought icebergs to Florida
2014-10-05 | Dirty skies can swell rivers
2014-09-30 | Astronomy data bounty spurs debate over access
2014-09-25 | Possible space weather role in downing of US copter
2014-09-22 | US plans for future of fusion research
2014-09-10 | Ozone recovery helped by warming climate
2014-09-08 | Lasker Award goes to breast-cancer researcher
2014-09-04 | Wayward Galileo satellites could still aid scientists
2014-09-02 | Stalled El Niño poised to resurge
2014-08-28 | Row reignites over distance of Pleiades star cluster
2014-08-14 | Researchers create 1,000 robot swarm
2014-08-11 | Laser identifies explosives from afar
2014-08-07 | Tiny water worlds float in oil reservoirs
2014-08-04 | Seabed samples cast doubt on earthquake risk for Pacific Northwest
2014-07-25 | Satellites reveal swift groundwater loss in western United States
2014-07-24 | ‘Hot Jupiter’ measurements throw water on theory
2014-07-22 | Error discovered in Antarctic sea-ice record
2014-07-17 | Cutting down crop waste could feed 3 billion
2014-07-17 | Mosquitoes transmit Chikungunya in continental US
2014-07-17 | Google maps methane leaks
2014-07-10 | Attempt to retrieve NASA probe runs out of gas

Nature Index

2019-10-23 | Nine universities under 50 in the fast lane [Young Universities 2019 supplement — UNIST, DGIST]
2018-12-12 | China’s place among the stars
2017-10-19 | Destination Daejeon [Science Cities 2017 supplement]
2016-05-23 | How researchers discovered phytoplankton are warming the Arctic
2016-03-17 | Swimming against the tide [Japan 2016 supplement]
2016-04-01 | How a disparate team uncovered the world’s oldest stone tools

New Scientist

2018-08-16 | It’s time to embrace video games as an Olympic sport
2018-04-25 | To help heal the Korean peninsula try scientific cooperation too
2016-08-06 | Small gas cloud caught blowing a huge bubble in the Milky Way
2016-03-15 | How victory for Google’s Go AI is stoking fear in South Korea
2016-03-15 | Lee Sedol vs. AlphaGo game 5 update
2016-03-14 | Humans strike back: How Lee Sedol won a game against AlphaGo
2016-03-10 | Google AI program crushes Korean Go legend again in round two
2016-03-09 | ‘I’m in shock!’ How an AI beat the world’s best human at Go
2016-02-08 | Inside the cloning factory that creates 500 new animals a day
2015-05-06 | Galactic smashups turn on the lights around black holes
2015-04-30 | Copy your rivals if you want to win the World Cup or become CEO
2014-03-06 | Tweet patrol knows when censors delete online posts

Chosun Ilbo

2016-07-25 | 한강의 기적 이끈 정부 R&D, 한강의 저주로 바뀌어 (The “Miracle on the Han River” and its government-led approach to R&D has become a curse)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA

2017-05-16 | Inner Workings: In search for “magic” nuclei, theory catches up to experiments
2017-04-25 | Is video game addiction really an addiction?
2016-12-13 | Journal Club: Why does water form on icy surfaces? New model solves century-old mystery


2020-03-31 | How Mars’s Magnetic Field Let Its Atmosphere Slip Away
2020-02-26 | “Electron Wings” Can Interfere with Spacecraft Measurements
2019-11-11 | Explaining the Missing Energy in Mars’s Electrons
2019-08-19 | Sampling the Space Between the Stars
2019-06-13 | Understanding the Turbulent Nature of the Solar Wind
2019-05-31 | Data Mining Reveals the Dynamics of Auroral Substorms
2019-04-24 | Bringing Clarity to What Drives Auroras
2019-04-03 | The Accidental Particle Accelerator Orbiting Mars
2017-11-14 | Space Weather Threat to Australian Power Networks Assessed
2017-10-10 | Probing the Cusps of Saturn’s Magnetic Field
2017-08-16 | Simulations Give New View of Global Auroral Storms
2017-07-07 | Where Are the Electrical Currents in the Enceladus Plume?
2017-07-06 | How Storm Turbulence Can Spark Lightning
2017-06-29 | Curiosity Spies Shifting Sands on Mars
2017-06-21 | What Makes the Biggest Cycle in Tropical Weather Tick?
2017-06-19 | Mysterious Particle Beams Found over Jupiter’s Poles
2017-06-14 | Global Atmospheric Observations May Need Tweaking for Turbulence
2017-06-02 | How “Whistling” Plasma Waves Shape Earth’s Radiation Belts
2017-05-23 | Ground Surveys Reveal Space Weather Risk to Spain’s Power Grid
2017-05-11 | New Explanation for “Meandering” Electrons Orbiting Earth
2017-04-10 | For Magnetic Reconnection Energy, O—not X—Might Mark the Spot
2017-04-04 | Explaining Unexpected Twists in the Sun’s Magnetic Field
2017-03-27 | Calculating Plasma Waves—With a Twist
2017-03-21 | Scientists Probe the Calm After Solar Storms
2017-03-14 | How Lightning Creates “Killer Electrons” in Earth’s Radiation Belts
2017-03-02 | After Decades, High-Altitude Observations Revived at Jicamarca
2017-02-17 | Plasma Waves Pinpointed at the Site of Magnetic Reconnection
2017-01-23 | Martian Mantle Models Pave the Way for NASA’s InSight Lander
2017-01-04 | Retracing the First Spaceborne Electric Field Measurement
2017-12-07 | Buzzing Ice Shelf Makes Waves in the Air Above
2016-11-09 | Mars’s Atmosphere Matches Earth’s Turbulent Nature
2016-09-21 | Jupiter’s Auroras Recharge Between Solar Storms
2016-07-27 | Your Phone, Tablet, and Computer Screens Aren’t Safe from Hackers
2016-07-20 | Venus’s Unexpected, Electrifying Water Loss
2016-06-18 | How Accurate Are Ionospheric Models?
2016-06-03 | Mysterious “Necklace Echoes” in the Sky Explained
2016-05-20 | Mysterious Heavy Ion Beams Above Mars Explained
2016-03-18 | Satellite Shows Earth’s Magnetic Field Bent During a Solar Storm
2016-03-17 | Hubble Gazes at Europa’s Aurora
2016-03-14 | Moored Ocean Buoy Tracks Marine Carbon Cycle Variations
2016-02-22 | Solar Storms Are More Predictable Than Hurricanes
2016-02-19 | The Unique Radar Signature of Rain Falling on Water
2016-02-18 | New Space Weather Forecast Technique Fails to Improve Forecasts
2016-02-12 | Magnetic Field Pulsations and Aurora Tightly Linked
2016-02-02 | Satellites Test Theory of Magnetic Reconnection
2016-01-28 | How Saturn Alters the Ionosphere of Titan
2016-01-28 | Scientists Detect Wisps of Wind in Space
2015-12-26 | Decoding the Radio Transmissions of Shooting Stars
2015-12-23 | Electric “Tornadoes” in Space Drive Disturbances Down to Earth
2015-12-07 | Model of Solar Cycle’s Impact on Climate Gets Upgrade
2015-12-03 | Mercury’s Magnetosphere Model Gets Retro Makeover
2015-11-13 | What Makes Jupiter’s Aurora Pulse?
2015-10-30 | The Curious Case of the Halloween Ghost Electrons
2015-10-26 | New Clues to Mysterious Hiss in Earth’s Plasmasphere
2015-10-15 | “Fingers” of Plasma Invade Saturn’s Magnetic Field
2015-09-08 | How Powerful is Jupiter’s Aurora?
2015-08-19 | Lightning “Impulses” Improve Models of Global Electrical Circuit
2015-07-15 | Gaseous Planets May Have Huge Luminous Rings Caused by Lightning
2015-06-16 | X Marks the Spot of Magnetic Islands in Space
2015-06-04 | New Ionosphere Model Incorporates Solar Angles
2015-05-11 | When the Sun Goes Quiet, Titan Gets Gassy
2015-04-08 | Particle Accelerator in Space Could Help Scientists Study Auroras
2015-02-16 | Radio Blackout! Ham Radio as an Operational and Scientific Instrument

Earth Touch

2015-01-22 | Look out, illegal fishers. You’re being watched — from space.

British Medical Journal

2020-03-18 | Covid-19: how doctors and healthcare systems are tackling coronavirus worldwide [South Korea]

Retraction Watch

2017-11-16 | WHO asks dozens of journals to correct papers on diagnostic tool developed by former collaborators
2017-10-10 | Board member resigns from journal over handling of paper accused of plagiarism
2017-05-18 | Four in 10 biomedical papers out of China are tainted by misconduct, says new survey
2017-02-23 | Does labeling bad behavior “scientific misconduct” help or hurt research integrity? A debate rages
2016-12-01 | University of Tokyo opens investigation into retracted stem cell paper
2016-06-15 | In Korean textbook scheme, some plagiarists found not guilty
2015-12-23 | Korean prosecutors seek jail time for professors in massive plagiarism scheme

SNSF Horizons

2016-02-27 | Reining in the ‘chaebol’


2015-10-01 | The Hacker Who Exposed South Korea’s Deadly Epidemic
2014-04-18 | This Is The Most Earth-Like Exoplanet Yet Found
2014-04-03 | Did Microbes Cause The Worst Mass Extinction Ever?
2014-03-27 | New Icy Body Hints at Planet Lurking Beyond Pluto
2014-03-20 | Power Lines Look Like Terrifying Bursts of Light to Animals
2014-03-18 | Fuel Cells Could Provide Clues to Spark of Life
2014-03-10 | Chemists Hack Blu-ray Players to Test for Salmonella and Parasites
2014-02-21 | This “Energy Ribbon” is Helping Astronomers Map the Solar System’s Frontier
2014-02-07 | Out of Africa—And Back Again?
2014-02-04 | Why There Will Be No Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2082
2014-01-31 | On the Failed Star of Luhman 16B, It Rains Molten Iron
2014-01-30 | China’s “Jade Rabbit” Lunar Rover May Not Reawaken

Sky & Telescope

2013-08-21 | Old, Fat Stars Flicker
2013-08-19 | Kepler KO’d; NASA Ponders New Purpose
2013-08-07 | Under Stress, Asteroids May Be Fragile
2013-07-19 | Wave at Saturn—But Will Cassini See You?
2013-07-12 | A Glassy Blue Jupiter
2013-07-10 | Taming the “Zoo” of Neutron Stars
2013-07-04 | Stars Spinning Beats
2013-06-27 | Three Habitable Planets? Maybe
2013-06-11 | How to Toast a Planet
2013-05-31 | Sequestration Impacts Astronomy, Space Science
2013-05-30 | Exoplanet Studies After Kepler: What’s next?
2013-05-27 | No Planet of Alpha Centauri B?
2013-04-05 | The oldest, loneliest supernova
2013-03-25 | Does a famous nova have a “suicide pact”?

Boston University News Service

2014-02-20 | Hot Times for Cool Stars
2013-10-21 | Life Might Survive a Meteoric Fall to Earth
2013-10-09 | Humans Really Can Read Dogs’ Faces
2013-10-09 | On Stage, Science Stories Take the Spotlight


2013-03-29 | The future of planet hunting: finding rivers in a marsh


The Pattern in Nature’s Networks
NOVA | 2014-07-22

Comet ISON Preview
Sky & Telescope | 2013-09-16

The Night the Scientific Revolution Began (co-produced)
Discover Magazine | 2011-07-28

Exoplanets: The Next Frontier
Sky & Telescope | 2013-06-20

Now Playing: Core Collapse in 3D
Sky & Telescope | 2013-06-30

miXx: BU’s K-pop dance cover crew
YouTube | 2013-12-10


A Window Into Science Journalism
Seoul National University, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences | 2016-03-02

It’s a small world: Small-world networks in nature and cognition
Wideo | 2013-12-05

This is GOCE
Zeega | 2013-10-12

The sad tale of Guillaume Le Gentil
Boston University | 2012-06-05 | Prezi (slides) | podcast

My research in 6 seconds
ScienceNOW | 2013-02-13


The Technology That Could Free America From Quarantine
The Atlantic | 2020-04-07

Your favorite Korean source?
The Korea Times | 2018-07-07

Interview about the debate over video game addiction
Korea Economic Institute of America | 2017-09-15

Seoul’s public bicycle system unfriendly to foreigners
The Korea Times | 2016-09-20

S.Korea’s “hell on earth” caused zombie film success: N.Korea
NK News | 2016-09-05

Interview with Sean Lim on KBS Touch Base in Seoul
KBS | 2016-03-26

Interview with Tony Smith on the StarShipSofa podcast about Hwang Woo Suk’s dog cloning
StarShipSofa | 2016-03-16

Special feature about research in Korea in SNSF’s Horizon Magazine
Swiss Science & Technology Office Seoul | 2016-03-10

The Intern’s Survival Guide by Rachael Lallensack
The Open Notebook | 2018-08-28

Following a Story as It Unfurls by Jane C. Hu
The Open Notebook | 2016-09-14

Capture the Moment: Get More out of Your stories through Photography by Julia Rosen
The Open Notebook | 2016-03-08

Putting South Korea’s MERS Panic in Context by John Power
The Diplomat | 2015-06-11

Honorable Mention in DCSWA 2014 Newsbrief Award
DC Science Writers Association | 2015-03-17

Khalil’s picks
SA Incubator | 2013-04-12 | 2013-07-19

Blog post by Charlie Petit
Knight Science Journalism Tracker | 2014-06-09

Drilling Down into the Connection Researchers are Making Between Climate Change and Conflict by Keith Kloor
Collide-a-Scape | 2015-03-05

Researchers Question Expansion of Antarctica’s Fringe of Sea Ice by Andrew Revkin
New York Times | 2014-07-22

Things to Read at Lunchtime by Brad DeLong
Center for Equitable Growth | 2014-07-26

Morsels For The Mind by Malcolm Campbell
SciLogs | 2014-08-08 | 2014-08-15 | 2014-09-19 | 2014-10-17 | 2014-10-24 | 2016-02-26 | 2016-03-04

Ed Yong — Not Exactly Rocket Science
Phenomena (National Geographic) | 2014-08-09

Overnight News Digest — “Post a Paper, Go to Jail” Edition
Daily Kos | 2014-08-19

News Picks: Latest climate models predict weak-to-moderate El Niño this year
Physics Today | 2014-09-04

The Path from Telescope to Press Hit & More
Peter Edmonds | 2013-06-24

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