Mark Zastrow – Curriculum Vitae (online)
One common thread running through my research at BU has been the magnetic interaction in systems including stars, planets, and their moons.

Research experience

Advisor: Kenneth Janes, Boston University (2011–2013)
Investigating evidence of magnetic and/or tidal star–planet interaction in the Kepler public data.

Advisor: Andrew West, Boston University (2011–2013)
Time series analysis of magnetic activity of M dwarfs in high resolution spectra from the California Planet Search survey (in progress).

Advisor: John Clarke, Boston University (2010–2012)
Analyzed UV spectra of Enceladus from HST instruments STIS and COS. Reflectance spectra are consistent with trace amounts of ammonia. Upper limits on airglow from possible magnetic interaction with Saturnian magnetosphere are given.

Advisor: Kenneth Brecher, Boston University (2011–2012)
Developed the Physical Optics Concept Inventory, a diagnostic exam and evaluation tool for undergraduate university astronomy courses (in progress).

Advisors: Robert D. Gehrz and L. Andrew Helton, University of Minnesota (2008–2009)
Analyzed novae and comet polarimetry from ground-based and Spitzer IRS spectra

Advisor: Timothy R. Young, University of North Dakota (2006)
Supernovae observations on UND’s 10 in. automated search telescope; empirical modeling of light curves of bright Type II–linear supernovae

Refereed publications

UV spectrum of Enceladus
Zastrow, M., Clarke. J. T., Hendrix. A. R., Noll, K. S. 2012, Icarus, 220, 29

Posters and conference talks

Development and Preliminary Testing of a Physical Optics Concept Inventory — POCI
Brecher, K., Zastrow, M.
AAS 221st meeting, Long Beach, CA, 2013

Upper limits on Enceladus’ airglow emission
Zastrow, M., Clarke. J. T.
Magnetospheres of the Outer Planets meeting, Boston, MA, 2011

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